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Reality Suspended is the product of Amy Morgan.  A devoted rope

rigger from the United States having trained under the best rope artists in the world to deliver a most uncompromising display of art and connection.


Amy began a passion for rope in the 1990s.  By the early 2000s, she

had become a bondage model in the BDSM porn industry.  It was in

the middle of that time she discovered a love for rope bondage as an art not just as the one being tied, but also the one doing the tying.  Mostly taught in Western or "fusion" style of rope, she felt as though there was always something missing.  At the time there were rope instructors located in the United States, but none known for the style of rope she was seeking.  So instead she turned her attention to the source of it all, Japan.


A long trip to Japan turned into some of the most exciting times in Amy's rope journey.  Getting private tuition with some Masters of the craft, including Osada Steve, Yukimura Haruki, Akira Naka, and others, not only expanded her knowledge but the passion too.  The trip to Japan was not complete without having been given the honor to perform with other artists.

Amy's rope education didn't stop there and hasn't stopped.  She will always consider herself a student of the craft.  Since Japan other Masters have made themselves available to learn from and these opportunities were not passed over.  It is from this varied education that Amy's style of rope is derived.  By taking all the best parts of this extensive education and incorporating it with her passion yields some of the most fantastic results.


Now based in Las Vegas, Amy provides rope education to those who honestly and genuinely seek it out.  She has conducted training and performances all over North America and overseas in Europe as well.  The traveling is only a small part of the mission to continue to share her passion in rope with others.

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